• Solving Process Riddles
    This is what we do.

    We help people just like you.

    A process riddle is a problem with a product or process that can’t be solved by conventional means.

    We create an alternate solution.

    What if you could wave a magic wand?

    What would your ideal product or process look like?

    Does anything come to mind?

    Share your idea with us.

    We have a passion to develop and discover.

    Every day is a learning experience.

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  • Ideas come in all shapes and forms.

    These can be in your head, sketches on a napkin, crude models, digital drawings and so on.

    The world is desperate for solutions to problems that really bother people.

    No one is going to be able to benefit from your idea unless you bring it forward.

    We shine at breathing life into your ideas or concepts and making them into a reality.

    We love to learn as we go.

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  • Our competitive advantage is being flexible, focused and open-minded.

    Demonstrating the possibility is a critical step in the development process.

    Demonstrating the possibility involves taking an idea or concept and turning it into real production prototypes for the intent of application testing.

    Real working prototypes demonstrate the possibility of the design, material, process and application.

    What this does mean is that the development process is far enough along that you can understand and plan the commercialization process with good accuracy.

    We also do more than just the development.

    We evaluate the economics and commercializability as we go.

    We look at the big picture.

    We can make it happen.

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  • We are always looking for a jaw dropping response to the products or process solutions we develop.

    That’s when you know you’ve done something remarkable.

    Our solutions typically consist of developing a new product and the pilot production process to manufacture that product.

    Our process solutions are lean, green, affordable and continuous.

    These systems are designed to be flexible so that changes can be readily made without too much cost or effort.

    We encourage automation where possible.

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  • We don’t know your process, industry, market or customer, but you do.

    That makes your role as important as ours.

    Most clients are the project champions.

    Every new idea needs a champion.

    A champion is an individual who takes the idea or product and spreads the word to the masses.

    We are little slice of the pie kind of guys.

    Of a whole pie, which represents market revenues and profits, we only want a little slice of that pie and it’s our job to make the pie as big as possible for everyone to enjoy.

    You represent another slice of that pie.

    We love working with others and want to build lasting working relationships.

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  • We have a team of industry leaders working with us.

    Robotics, process controls, imaging, machining, fabrication, programming, graphic arts, heat transfer, combustion, manufacturing, etc.

    Learn some more about us.

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  • John Douglas

  • Co-CEO

    John is a family man, husband and community advocate. He’s always there to help out, lend a hand or give you the shirt off his back. He is a people person with a great attitude.

    John has extensive industry experience from all forms of manufacturing. He is a tool and die maker by trade and has co-owned and operated a large precision machine shop.

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  • Rob Crawford

  • Co-CEO

    Rob is a proud father, husband, and loves having fun. He’s a big kid at heart and enjoys rolling-up his sleeves and getting dirty. He is a quick learner and open to any and all technologies. Going to other companies, talking with their people and building collaborative relationships are important to him.

    Rob honed his product and process development skills while working for a big corporation and consulting. He is a Materials Engineering and Management graduate and has earned his Professional Engineering designation. Rob challenges the status quo and strives to take things to the next level.

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